Monday, 28 March 2011

Two other things I made for the craft fair!

First pic is of a dirndl skirt (as I found out today, didn't realise it had an actual name!) which is basically an elasticated tube and takes about half an hour to make. I personally think the fabric is a little on the awful side of things but I'm a fan of black, black, polka dots, black, black, leopard print and err more black! Colour and pattern freak me out a bit, I feel messy if I'm wearing more than two colours (one having to be black).
Second pic is a halterneck top in daisy print, basically just a shortened version of the dresses I've been making. I was really pleased with myself whilst making this as I didn't have to look at the instructions at all, it's been granted a slot in my brain to remember forever!! I do like the pattern though, I might even sneakily make myself one, probably just a top rather than a dress, will look good with shorts, unlike my legs haha!

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