Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Purple bustle skirt

A purple bustle skirt I made yesterday, no pattern just maths, guesstimation and of course sheer talent hahaha!
I was a little bit naughty and made this to fit me....well if it doesn't sell then i'll buy it off myself! It's definately a party skirt, would look great in Cubes.... but still, I would like it to go to a new home to end up on someone elses bedroom floor after an epic night out!
To construct the skirt (yep, I am going to waffle on about the boring part now) I measured my big belly and my hips, and got some black polycotton and made a trapezoid (Yes, I just googled that to check it was the right word!) half the length needed in total then made the same shape but in two pieces, with a little extra added on so I could fold it over a bit and make the button area. Sewed it together at the sides to form one long strip.
Then for the skirt I just folded up some purple polycotton (it was 2.2 metres long, I cut along the selvedge side because I wanted it longer than the width of the fabric which I would guess is a standard 1.5 metres) and then measured 15 inches (a classy length for a skirt...) and just chopped it..... it wasn't too wonky.... but I would reccomend a ruler, I'm lazy and hate measuring things.
I then sewed up the bottom edge and sewed the ends together to form a massive tube.
Now I had to fit 2.2m of fabric onto my waistband (no I'm not telling everyone that measurement!) which meant pinning the half way points together and gathering/pleating all the way along. It took ages and I stabbed myself loads.
When the basic skirt was all sewed up I attached a layer of netting ruffled up, then some purple polycotton, then another layer of netting and a big fat ribbon.
Skirt done! Messed up one of the buttonholes a litttle bit but it works so not a disaster.

As for the cat picture, Biggins decided to help model it and attacked me for daring to move her.....little s***!

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