Thursday, 17 March 2011

Red cardi/ cover up

Again sorry for the incredibly poor photo quality, i'm using a mobile phone....enough said!

This is a cardi / cover up I made yesterday evening, took only a couple of hours which was amazingly quick! The pattern is actually the bodice of a dress taken from the July 2010 Prima magazine pattern. All I did was alter it slightly so that there was a front opening as opposed to a one piece bodice. The button in the centre is the only actual functioning button, the other two are for cuteness purposes only! I used fabric from a skirt, a linen and viscose blend, it frays quite badly when cut with the grain line which is the only problem really.

When I purchased the skirt from the cat shop I told the lady I was going to make a jacket from it. She laughed and said it would take some imagination! I laughed (inwardly) because I knew that with a little assistance from my good old friend Mr Seam ripper it really couldn't be easier and more unimaginative!
But anyway, yay for quick easy sewing projects, and boo for the fact that I made this way too small for me! So it had better sell or I'll be kicking myself and trying to duct tape down my boobs in a vain attempt to get it on!

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