Thursday, 24 March 2011

Floral halterneck dress the second

More summery flowery goodness! A simple ribbon tie halterneck dress, elasticated above and below the boob area to avoid unwanted flashing!
Made using yet another Prima pattern, very simple, made to a size 12 but looks a bit small... hopefully just the elastic pulling it in! I would like to make another one of these but will have to wait until I brave the masses in town to buy some more elastic - I've scavenged as much as I possibly can from old bed sheets that don't fit our bed and old clothes to delay the arduous trek to purchase essentials! I really hate going into town, people just annoy me too much....old people being slow.....children getting under your feet....chuggers (charity muggers) every 20 feet harassing you into signing up to donate for every charity under the sun, avoiding them takes military precision! All very stressful!
But I have to go tomorrow anyway as I'm meeting up with my dear friend Bethany for a cheeky pint if the weather is nice or a coffee if it's miserable so we can discuss the craft fayre on Saturday and have a girly catch up - I can't wait :)
Check out Bethany's blog listed at the side in my blog list <3

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