Thursday, 17 March 2011

Daisy circle skirt

Terrible pictures sorry! This is a double layered circle skirt I made at the beginning of the week and didn't get around to posting.
It's made from a duvet cover I got at the cat shop (Lincoln cat care charity shop), the pattern was so cute I just had to have it!
I didn't use a pattern, just some basic mathematics to determine the size of the 'hole' for the waistband and measuring outwards from that measurement to determine the length.

I went for a double layered skirt for extra puffiness and kept it short and sweet as a more traditional knee/mid calf length would be, quite honestly, a pain in the arse to fold/ cut! I couldn't figure out how to add an elasticated/ semi stretchy waistband without it looking uber rubbish so I made the cute little button up thingy (anyone know the correct term? It's late and I'm tired so forgive me!) to give a little extra room to get over someones bottom! I purposefully made this way too small to fit me therefore preventing me from keeping it for myself! Which is so tempting every time I make something that is to my own tastes! So everything for the next craft fair will probably be for skinny people, nothing fatist, just avoiding temptation!

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