Sunday, 27 February 2011

The actual craft fayre!

This is how our stall looked, the top photo is Beth's half, the middle and bottom photo are my display. Tablecloth is Beth's also, bit too bright and cheerful for me! Upon reflection I feel that the animal print card used to display the earrings would have been better inside out - i.e. plain white. I think the busy prints were not the best thing to show the true colours and detail of the earrings. Sadly I didn't sell anything, but that's how the cookie crumbles right?! At least next month's fayre can't go any worse can it!

Things crafted for the craft fayre...part 2....

More crafty goodness!
The silhouette/cameo style pincushion was a last minute idea, thankfully quick to make once the delicate head outline had been drawn onto the fabric (I made a template to aid future production) and carefully cut out. I ended up making two like the one in the photograph and one pink one aswell. The pink one didn't look as good due to using too wide lace trim but hey, you live and learn! I have a lot of ideas to further on from this, when they have been transferred from my imagination to the fabric I will let you in on it!
I made 6 tote bags to sell also, three in the above patterned fabric and another three in a dark blue floral design. All 6 were of different styles and decorations, just me trying out ideas and seeing what worked and what didn't work so well. Th one in the photo is my personal favourite, the dark floral version with a white trim instead of bows is my second favourite. I really like the shape, the curved bottom just makes it prettier in my opinion.

I also made some jewellery - earrings and bracelets - to sell as well as it was quick to produce inbetween my long crappy working hours.

Things crafted for the craft fayre...part 1....

Well I had made several things for the craft fayre but first things to mention are these three things! I decided to do lots of random things because I don't like to confine myself to one area when I enjoy making many different things. I had a go at making pasties (for those not in the know they are nipple tassels without the tassels) which were fairly simple to make, basically they consisted of cardboard circles shaped into a slight cone to accomodate nipples, then whatever decoration you see fit! I also tried some shaped ones, hearts are pretty simple, just a few snips here and there, I would like to try to make some more unusual and ambitious ones now I've got the hang of it.

I also ressurected the faux applique pin-up girl technique (faux applique because I happen to glue them together with fabric glue rather than stitch them - too fiddly and time consuming for me!) using a template created from a picture I drew 5 years ago. The figure translated well and due to time constraints I only managed to make two - a dancing girl on the red cushion and 'miss mermaid' on the blue cushion. Although glueing the figures saves time they still take a while to make so for the next craft fayre I'll have a few different ones that I came up with at the last minute. I much prefer the designs on cushions as opposed to my previous tote bag, the pin-ups are just a little too delicate for the practicality of a bag and well suited to more decorative items.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Been a looooong time since I started this, but finally gave myself a kick up the arse to keep on top of things! Will be posting again and hopefully have lots of new and exciting things to add. Been making a lot of things for an upcoming vintage/craft fair being held locally so will post up pictures of the things I have made for this and some unrelated personal projects too.

Watch this space!