Friday, 5 September 2008

From something new to something old...

This is a bag i made about a year ago, the lady is all made of fabric i had lying about with buttons for the eyes (covered in glitter) and some beads from an assortment were put on the bra, it was sewed on and outlined using a black tulip pen. The 'ooh lala' was written with a silver glitter tulip with some pink glitter sprinkled on the top for extra sparkly goodness! The bag was made from an old black pillowcase, edged with some purple ribbon and the handle was made by plaiting some black material together.

Unfortunately the bag is quite floppy, haven't though of a solution to that yet other than to stitch the front piece of the bag onto an old bag i already have, not sure my sewing machine will cope though!

My modified cardi...that i can't wear much!

Here are some pictures of the cardi i modified, i chopped off the bottom and the arms, sewed it up neatly, changed the buttons from mother of pearl to plain black, added a trim off an old skirt, and finally added a charm to the bottom. It didn't take too long and i even measured it!!!! I will admit that i hate measuring things, don't ask why! Just noticed the date on my pics, i was sure i set up the date on my camera, perhaps it loses the data when you change the batteries. Anyway, i can't even wear the cardi much thanks to the weather, it wont exactly keep me dry! But if i go somewhere that is indoors but still cold (like the cinema) then i can pop it on.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Entry for Rock on! Crafts Beautiful Challenge

It's a bad photo but this was my entry to the Crafts Beautiful Rock On! challenge, the first challenge i've ever entered, it was nice to join in with something like that, it is definately not the winning that is important...and im not just saying that because i didn't win!
For my card i folded an a4 piece of black card, layered it with some leopard print card, put my picture onto some black card and attached it using foam pads to give it a little bit of dimension. For the "of course i'm with the band" caption i used a sakura jelly roll pen to write on the black card, layered it onto some glitter plasticy stuff that came with a nail varnish set (i couldn't bear to throw it, it was just so fabulous!) added two gold star brads and attached it to the card with some more foam pads. The winners of the competition were really great entrys, well done to them!!

The first post!

Well, i never really know what to write in these things so it may be a while before i get the hang of it....bear with me!
Basically i will be posting up all my crafty makes and other things, so y'all can have a peek at what i spend all that time locked up in my craft room doing hahaha! Many things i do are of the pinup girl style but there will be other things too, i'm not a one trick pony!
So umm yeah.... i hope you enjoy reading my inane musings and seeing my pics, sorry for any dodgy enteries most likely written v.late at night when i should be sleeping!