Sunday, 27 February 2011

Things crafted for the craft fayre...part 2....

More crafty goodness!
The silhouette/cameo style pincushion was a last minute idea, thankfully quick to make once the delicate head outline had been drawn onto the fabric (I made a template to aid future production) and carefully cut out. I ended up making two like the one in the photograph and one pink one aswell. The pink one didn't look as good due to using too wide lace trim but hey, you live and learn! I have a lot of ideas to further on from this, when they have been transferred from my imagination to the fabric I will let you in on it!
I made 6 tote bags to sell also, three in the above patterned fabric and another three in a dark blue floral design. All 6 were of different styles and decorations, just me trying out ideas and seeing what worked and what didn't work so well. Th one in the photo is my personal favourite, the dark floral version with a white trim instead of bows is my second favourite. I really like the shape, the curved bottom just makes it prettier in my opinion.

I also made some jewellery - earrings and bracelets - to sell as well as it was quick to produce inbetween my long crappy working hours.

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