Thursday, 10 March 2011

Polka-dot dress.....and the reason why cardigans are my best friends!

Well here we have it! One retro/vintage inspired polka dot dress!
I am ever so pleased with how it turned out and the surprised reaction when it was revealed that I made it was very encouraging! The dress made it's debut at Tuesday night's staff meeting and I would like to thank everyone for their kind comments :) It still needs the tiniest bit of work, having tried poppers to prevent bust gapage I have decided that velcro is the way forwards - cheap and nasty, yes, but it will prevent the gaping at the bust without having to redesign the whole bust piece. Live and learn people!!

I basically had to construct a whole new bust piece anyway as my larger than average bosom will not be found on any normal pattern sizes. I love the way the dress looks and feels, when you run down the stairs the skirt flares out like a super hero cape <3
I dealt with a slight bagginess in the back with the ribbon tie which adds a little decoration to an otherwise plain back piece.

I absolutely plan to always wear this with a cardigan, as the photos blatantly show my arms are not my finest point (there is muscle in with the fat too - promise!). But it is an excuse to indulge in cute knitwear. So it isn't all bad hahaha!

Yay for dresses!!!!!

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