Thursday, 24 March 2011

Dorothy dress!

Unintentionally this dress has got a touch of Dorothy-ness about it... it was fine until I added the red bits!
The dress was made with the same pattern as the previous floral halterneck dress, I have altered it a little though. Firstly I knocked about 8 inches off the length - from respectable to tarty in a few snips! I also added a sort of lining to it, the white pieces that you can see. I also reduced the blue front bodice panels to show through the white.
It didn't take too long to make but I've been having somewhat of a sewing headache today with lots of silly little fuck ups that I could really do without this close to the craft fayre.
On the plus side I did get to add sparkly bits with my beloved "Kandy Kane" hot stone applicator which I don't use enough! If left to my own devices I would cover the whole house in sparkly gems hahaha!
The fabric I used was just the usual polycotton, nearly had an emergency situation with the white material, just about managed to fit in the final bodice piece and with the grainline correct aswell!
My terrible photography skills/equipment really don't show things off like this well, I'm thinking I should try to con someone (or rather some people as I don't make everything the same size...) into modelling for me...any volunteers?!

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