Saturday, 12 March 2011

Super quick cardi!

Well I made this yesterday evening when I eventually got down to my craft room/pigsty! I have never made anything with sleeves before, dismissing them as too difficult... how wrong was I?! I used a prima magazine pattern, kindly sent to me by my mum who saves them all for me, and it took all of an hour and a half to cut the pattern pieces out, cut the fabric (a fine fleecy type material, originally meant to be a throw/ cost less than £2.00 and i have over half of it left - awesome awesomeness!) and sew it all together!
I have a little bit of work left to do on it, need to turn under and sew the inside edge/neckline/other inside edge part, just a simple pin, press and sew in one big long line - easy peasy! Also would like to add some embellishment, thinking a deep chocolate brown ribbon round the sleeves / bottom? Will have to see how it looks.
And two things that really made my day at work, first my lovely fellow chef Mat told me he didn't believe I had really made the polka dot dress myself and that he had tried looking for some kind of imperfection to prove I had made it! Bless him! I could have shown him many if he had asked me hahaha!
Secondly, a lovely lady who works on the bar, Alex, said to me as I was leaving that I had inspired her to pick up some knitting again and also to alter/make some clothes - which she had already started with a jeans to shorts alteration that looked fantastic! Wish I had her long legs to pull off shorts like that!
Anyway, just thought I'd share that with everyone, it made me smile so much :) I wish everyone would get stuck in and make things for themselves, it's so rewarding!


Wendy said...

Its lovely, and what a fabric bargain! Just found your blog and love it!

Lucy said...

Thankyou! Just had a peek at yours, its fabulous! Perhaps one day i'll get a better 'look' to my blog like yours and all the other one's that I follow, and a better way of taking pictures!