Monday, 28 March 2011

The tragedy that was the craft fair :(

Well. Well, well, well. What a disaster!
Beth and myself got to Kind (the venue) had a look around for our table and couldn't see it. So we asked a member of staff. Who said we weren't on the list. Weren't on the f-ing list!! She asked us when we had booked so we told her that we had booked at the last one and also confirmed via facebook. Basically they had messed up big time. So the only two options we had were to go home or to use what was essentially a shelf and some chairs.
We decided to use the shelf. We should have decided to go home.
Where we were there was two other stalls, one selling dog leads, dog collars and purses, the other selling jewellery.
And due to the lady selling the jewellery being rather fat, and her friend who turned up rather fat also, people couldn't get through to our stall! Their big butts blocked the gap and people were waiting for a minute then going when they couldn't get through.
Perhaps we still wouldn't have sold anything if we were elsewhere. At least we would have gotten a fair chance to do so though.
It was also really annoying watching the fat ladies sell stuff alllllllll frickin day. it was cheap, but also generic. I'm not just being jealous but our stuff was better, with love gone into it as opposed to a handmade factory production line thing.
Big thanks to Beth though for her ingenious use of poundland washing paraphernalia to display my clothes, I had too much anger to think in my normal make the best of it way.

Best of all there was never much of an apology from Kind, very indifferent and uncaring about the whole thing even though it was completely their fault!!!
So we are now looking at other places to go.

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