Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Floral halterneck dress

Yesterday was a good crafting day! I got this dress made also. Used a Prima magazine (they really are great patterns thanks mum!) pattern and a vintage bed sheet (I assume it is pretty old, when is the last time someone had a floral bottom sheet that looked like that?!). Very summery and light weight. My first time making an elasticated bit, was easy and quick, definitely better than zips!
The dress reaches mid calf on me so on a normal height person would probably be knee length. Also looks to be a pretty modest dress in terms of cleavage, doesn't fit me so I'm unsure how it would look really.
Over all it was a quick easy dress to make, couple of hours including cutting it out etc.

I also have a confession..... my name is lucy lovell and I sellotape my patterns onto the fabric! I really never get it right when pinning them on so I thought I'd try sellotape and its awesome! But if anyone has any tips on pinning them on so the pattern lies flat I'd love to know :)


Wendy said...

ooh I never thought of selotape I must give it a try!!

Lucy said...

It's so much quicker!
Rather unprofessional though :P