Saturday, 30 April 2011

Part 3 of the finishing week!

Finally got around to finishing this, one more thing complete!
I made this using the contour bust tutorial from Lex over at
As you can see I've added a ruffle edging around the top, straps and two layers of ruffles/gathering round the bottom.

The straps cross over at the back, I was going to have this as a halterneck but the back kept falling down so I decided upon this type of strap, a halterneck look at the front but keeps the back from slipping down. You can't see in the photo but I have elasticated the top part to keep it tighter and still let me get it on, I really didn't want to mess about with zips or buttons.
I have also added in a few pleat/gather type things along the centre of the back as it was a bit too baggy. It creates a nice effect even if its purpose is more practical.

Lastly a close up of the front detailing, probably should have took this picture with the top on my body form but that involved too much messing about!

Well this is one more thing out of the way, few more things to complete before I start creating a whole load more half finished products!