Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Introducing Grim Rita!

Greetings to my second amigurumi from the creepy crochet book pictured in all her glory!
I had done most of it yesterday and finished her off tonight, it's getting easier to read the patterns now which is good and my ability to remember how many stitches I have done is also improving thank god! Nothing more frustrating than forgetting and having to unwind the thing for the fiftieth time.
Not sure which one I'm going to attempt next, would like to make the skeleton groom but that requires going into town to purchase some black yarn... which means I will put it off until I have about a million reasons to go and have no choice in the matter. Should probably finish off all the other things I have to do before starting another creepy cutie... but they're so quick (well a couple of hours) to make and sooooooo adorable!!


AshleyDoll said...

That's awesome! ;)

Lucy said...

Thank you :)