Monday, 11 April 2011

Amigurumi skeleton bride!

For my birthday I got a super cool book called 'Creepy Cute Crochet' by Christen Haden. It is full of the most adorable little amigurumi creations....sod kittens, I want a crochet zombie!!
For those of you who have never seen a crochet pattern it is basically a big enigma with sc's (in England we call them dc's - more confusion!) and inc's and all manner of coded mumbo jumbo. The picture guides of said mumbo jumbo make quantum theory look like a child's homework! So I had to start off with a beginner project from the selection including a skeleton groom to accompany the pictured bride, a ninja, a fuzzy alien and the grim reaper.
For future headaches and eye strain I can move up to intermediate, difficult or epic projects, epic projects including a Trojan, Spartan and cyber zombie!
You also have to learn how to make a magic ring, otherwise renamed in my house as the magic anus. This was problematic, frustrating and made me violent. Eventually I found a tutorial online that I understood and from there it was up, up, and amigurway!
Finished article is cute albeit wonky (what a surprise there...) and I'm almost done with a pink grim reaper (I had no suitable black yarn so improvised) but my eyes are about to explode so it will be finished tomorrow.

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Dolores Aguero said...

I have been working on the skeleton bride but cannot get the bottom wave looking think on dress. Can you give me any help.