Thursday, 28 April 2011

Part 2 of the finishing week!

Remember my algebra headache? Well click on the link if not! For those who do remember, after two months of not actually doing much to this I finally finished it! I'm very proud of it because I used my algebra and some other basic maths, along with a little imagination to make this knitted shrug, no patterns required! I really love not using patterns because patterns give me a headache, I don't really understand them so I avoid them!
Anyway, below is the back view....

I've ensured a decent back coverage to keep the cold at bay whilst enjoying those summer evenings (or just for inside when someone is feeling too stingy to put the heating on ha ha!).

Then we have the sleeve detail, shows my fantastic chunky knit, gathered at the end to attach onto the ribbed section, which finishes it off nicely and stops the ends rolling up.

And lastly a (deceptively slim) shot of the front!

Well, that is all for the finishing week at the moment, if I stop wasting time on the internet and go downstairs into my craft room then I'll get a few more things finished, a 'so close to being finished I am actually insane for not spending those two minutes to get it done' type of dress and a top that's about halfway there. There are probably more things hidden away all over the place that are in a state of unfinishedness, I will resolve to finish things before starting a new project in future!

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