Sunday, 1 May 2011

One for the boys....

Mario crochet toys!!
A mushroom to make you grow bigger and a bombomb :D
Here's the mushroom next to Colin to give you an idea of scale, they didn't take very long, about an hour and a bit each so when I get some more yarn I'm going to make more mushrooms (green, yellow with red spots and a purple one, all my fellow geeks will know what they do!) and create my own Mario universe! Will eventually make the main characters but they're a bit more advanced than the level I'm at now.

The bombomb even has his own little key detail as well!

I got the patterns for the bombomb here, and the mushroom here.
I did alter the mushroom pattern by adding a few extra rows for the stalk/face part.


Wendy said...

The look Great!! My brother would love these. He has been a Mario obsesive since he was a child he's now nearly 30 and nothings changed! I will have to give these a go!!

Lucy said...

Thanks Wendy!
I think it's safe to say men never grow up entirely! They only took a short amount of time so you could easily whip one up, especially since your beautiful beret shows you have far greater crochet skills than I do!