Saturday, 7 May 2011


I guess these are a little out of season but I crocheted some slippers! They are in fact bright cherry red not pink as they appear here. I started off with a pattern for Mary-Jane style slippers but as I crocheted them up it became apparent that the pattern was wrong! Or some unknown weird thing was happening.....

Anyway, I ended up unravelling the whole thing and made up my own pattern - yay! I wanted a more ballet pump look to them anyway so making my own pattern was the perfect thing to do, I'm proud of myself for taking the plunge rather then consulting the internet for a different pattern.

I plan to make more of these to sell at an event I will hopefully be doing, there will be ones the same as above, black ones with a red trim and a cherry motif on the toes, navy blue ones with pink trim and a flamingo motif and finally pink ones with a navy blue trim and either  navy polka dots or a navy rose. I haven't decided which yet! The event is in September so slippers will be more appropriate, they're super cozy!


Atomic Mama said...

Love em! Wish I could crochet!

Wendy said...

Wow there really cute, I wish I could crochet meore than just circles:)!!

Lucy said...

Thanks for the compliments :)
Atomic Mama, I assure you that crochet is simple enough to learn in a few evenings, be brave, give it a go!
Wendy, your hat is way better than the slippers! And the slippers actually start off working in the round, I'll post up he pattern when I get the time and you'll see how simple it is (and how bad I am at writing patterns haha!).