Monday, 16 January 2012

Made it Monday (Just!!) - Shoe refurbishment....

The first "Made it Monday"! Not the most exciting post ever, I need to take an evening photographing a load of stuff I have made but I need to learn how to use a camera properly ha ha ha! So the camera phone images will hopefully come to an end soon - yay!
Anyway I must get to the point.... I have a few pairs of plain black heels that don't get worn very often so I decided to give a pair a makeover. I dithered over possible designs but was limited by the number of hot fix crystals in my stash so decided to go for a more contained design as opposed to a full on bling fest (which was what I really wanted to do, I have more heels in need of a makeover so there is still hope!).
The crystals are applied using a Kandy Kane thingy which is like a soldering iron in size and appearance. I highly recommend getting one if you are a lover of shiny and sparkly things, the crystals can be applied to almost anything.... which is a bit dangerous.... you might just go into a crystal frenzy and emerge out the other side with NO SURFACE UNTOUCHED!!!

They are probably not to every ones tastes but will add a little je ne sais quois to a LBD or dress up some jeans. So next time you're at home and after a quick little project to fill an hour give this a go - if you are using shoes that don't get worn or ones that were dirt cheap, what do you have to lose?!

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Wendy said...

These are gorgeous, totally agree that they will brighten up any outfit! You can never have too much bling!!