Friday, 6 January 2012


As mentioned previously, I have embarked on a mission to improve my little ol' blog, hopefully propelling it to the first goal of 100 followers! I know 100 is a lot of followers for someone who currently has 12 but why not aim for something which is a bit of a stretch as opposed to just out of arms reach? :)

Things are still being devised on my executive pieces of scrap paper and old envelopes but I'm getting there!
As you can see I have changed the look of the blog a bit, I love all the cute backgrounds available online but I have issues with colour and pattern so anything that I liked enough to put up morphed into a crazy busy nightmare which just had to go! Some blogs pull it off and give me serious cuteness envy but after having a think I came to the conclusion that the blogs I liked the look of best were ones with a few graphics and white backgrounds; Neat, uncluttered, un-fussy, professional looking and beautifully simple. So that's what I decided to do, I hope you agree it looks a lot better now.

Hopefully I will be able to reveal all my other plans soon - fingers crossed!


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