Sunday, 15 January 2012

Celebration Sunday - Valentines Day 1

Some of us love Feb 14th, some of us think it is tacky and a holiday invented to make greetings card companies money... I fall into the middle of the two camps, I don't go overboard but it is always nice to be romantic :)
More importantly - An excuse for crafting! (Not that most of us need an excuse!)

This Sunday is about cute things to craft, in the following weeks cards, baking and sewing projects will be covered.

First up are a few cute packaging ideas, ideal for small gifts and sweet treats.

Cute pillow boxes!
Fill these with heart shaped sweets or your loved one's favourite confectionery.
The link for this project will take you to the tutorial which includes a template for the boxes.

A lovely project from Martha Stewart, ideal for small gifts and love notes.

Perfect for slightly larger gifts, I think it would be simple enough to resize.

I also found some adorable projects/inspiration for the home.

Decorated Candles
I do not recommend lighting candles decorated with flammable objects!
Source -

Heart wreath
Listed in a Christmas wreath collection....screams Vday to me!

Lastly one little polymer clay jewellery project - I think the possibilities are endless for using the beads though.

Heart bracelet
Darling blog too FYI :)

I hope that something here has inspired you! Let me know if you try or have previously tried any of these or similar projects, I'd love to see them!

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