Sunday, 21 September 2014

Of Course Culottes Count As Mountain Wear!

So I made some "Tania" style culottes... and wore them up a mountain!

I didn't climb the mountain though, I'm not that silly! We got to the summit of Le Moleson via funicular, then cable car.

The hem isn't as wonky as it looks I swear!
I self drafted the pattern, and aside from the fact these are made from a rayon blend something or other and crease like no-one's business, I love them very much. I am planning another pair for FESA in a heavier weight fabric, and will be lengthening them a little too.

To draft the pattern I used some funky maths, and traced off the crutch curve from simplicity 2700. The box pleat was right first time (I actually muslined this people!!) and for this pair I simply added an elasticated waistband because it is all about being comfy in the summer, and my weight is a bit here and there so I wanted to get more longevity out of them since I paid the princely sum of £6 a meter (don't laugh, I usually use bedsheets and curtains which are very cheap!) for the fabric. I should have written down what it was called really, but it is ever so soft and drapey.
It is dark grey in colour, which is my branching out from black. Grey is good, I can feel comfortable in it. I didn't do the wardrobe architect thing, but I feel pretty confident of my selection of neutrals - black, grey, and navy.
I wanted to get a shot of *the* secret crutch pose, but there were a fair few other people up there and I already looked odd enough without that!
I have been thinking about the ethics of copying an indie designers pattern, and have written a post about it which is coming soon.

It was very pretty up Le Moleson, even if it was cloudy.

But 2002m up is a bit scary for a girl from Norfolk ;)

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