Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Zombie Pin-Up Embroidery

Hello everyone!

Remember when I posted about THIS?

Well I did finish off the embroidery! Obviously it is not entirely finished (and in need of a good wash and iron!) as it was meant to be a tote bag. It is currently a sack.... I am undecided on what exactly to do with this now, the bag idea is still in the running but it could also be a cushion, dodgy wall art... or a sack.... The problem lies with the satin stitching on the lettering, it kinda sags a bit now it is no longer in the hoop, so I do not know how to remedy this other than turning it into something that is permanently stretched taught.

Overall I am quite pleased with how it has turned out, the colours go well together and I managed to keep it fairly neat. The face isn't as good as I would have liked but err zombies look a bit like a shovel hit them in the face right?!?!

Any one else out there embroidering for the dark side? Let me know!

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