Friday, 6 April 2012

Steampunk Inspired Card

Hey guys!
I don't often take photos of cards I make, I just forget to! Sometimes I do remember and this is one of those times. I made this a while ago for a friend's birthday, I had seen the card toppers in a local craft shop and had to get them, there were four in the pack and I had two people in mind for using them (which I did) but I forgot to take a picture of the other one!

As you can see, I layered the topper on to a blank card covered in brown paper. I gave the card some glitter, added stars on foam pads, glued a little heart and a feather to the hat, added some letter stickers and a stopwatch then used a transfer to complete the happy birthday message.

Here is a closer view of the glitter and stars, you can really see the quality of the topper design in this picture.

And to finish off, a blurry picture showing the Happy Birthday message.

If you see these toppers in your local craft shop I highly recommend them!

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