Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Random Gift Wrapping Ideas

As a Brucey bonus, I found some photos taken last year that were meant to be part of a gift wrap tutorial that never was and decided to post them.

Guess what is in this......
Could be anything right?
But were you expecting it to be this.....?!
Rolling up a folded tshirt makes it so much easier to wrap and disguises it too.

Stacking gifts and then decorating them is a way of getting your gifts to stand out.

Using fabric ribbons adds a luxury touch to gifts, you can also reuse it afterwards!

Well these gifts are all pretty plain but men don't always like things fussy and covered in sequins unless it is lingerie! I know these are all basic ideas but I thought I might as well post them as I had took the photos already :) Perhaps I will encourage someone who usually just covers things in paper to get a bit adventurous.

Before I go there is just one thing left to say - USE DOUBLE SIDED TAPE!!!! (Never fails to impress ;) )

1 comment:

Wendy said...

These are so pretty love the t-shirt trick!
My gift wrapping skills are seriously non existent (I tend to loose patience when the tape gets all in a tangle and sticks to the paper in the wrong places-arggh!) so Ill take all the help I can get:)