Monday, 29 August 2011

Skirting IS the issue....

.....Because you can never have enough!
They are also quick *cough* lazy me *cough* and easy and use up less fabric, perfect for culling the amount of odd bits lying about.

All the skirts have been made with the basic sew a long strip, turn over the top and sew down to make a channel then elasticate method *cough* yep really lazy in fact *cough* perfect for those err fat days which is pretty much all the time for me ha ha ha!
I have used all recycled fabric for these, I hate throwing things away and even more hate throwing away fabric which is perfectly decent and sometimes as a result of buying clothes that just do not look right at all, which is my fault for not trying them on... We all do it right?!

This skirt was made from an old skirt that I never wore (to be fair I didn't buy it). It started life as a tragically unflattering wrap skirt that was also a rather dubious length. I kept hold of it as the khaki (the picture doesn't really show it) broderie-anglais was pretty in a feminine but masculine way (yeah, I'm having one of those days ha ha!) and I occasionally branch out from my uniform of black.
Basically I chopped the bottom off, chopped an equal amount of the lining as well, pleated/gathered it onto some black fabric then sewed on the longer strip leaving the channel for the elastic. The elastic got threaded in and the ends of the black strip were tied concealing the hole the elastic went in through - sorted!
It is a bit short but I don't really get my naked legs out so it doesn't matter!

This one started off as a dress, really didn't do anything much to it, a quick measure and mark, hacked it off and then did the aforementioned turn over and elasticate job. 

Aaaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!! Who let the florals into my world?!!
In a fit of madness I may have decided to try to bring a bit of old fashioned floral girliness into my wardrobe!
With pink bows too........ 
.......I must have hit my head!
Anyhow, this was a valance sheet, I snipped off an appropriate length, turned, sewed, elasticated, added bows and was good to go! I have enough fabric left to make a dress too, was thinking a wrap dress, with a circle skirt or a skirt like the one above with two layers maybe? Not sure if I can handle a whole dress in cream with florals yet, I have a sneaking suspicion it will look terrible on me! 
Only one way to know for sure!

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