Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The countdown begins.....

...Take a guess!

No, surely not already, it's not even September....

Afraid so!!

I have already started my Christmas planning and with lots of handmade presents and cards to make I have to get cracking! I have started on the anally-retentive file with pages of lists, designs and labelled plastic wallets ready for templates to go in. Colour schemes for the tree have been chosen and the gift wrap will as usual co-ordinate with the tree :) 

This will be the year I have waited for - the one where I'm not gift wrapping on Christmas day or hastily filling out cards 10 minutes before the recipient arrives! By December all I want to have left to do is wrap gifts - any earlier and the double sided tape tends to lose its sticky a little bit. 

I'm even going to make the crackers I never got around to last year, the banging strips are still in my craft room and I even have the toilet roll tubes I had saved too!

So is anyone else starting with the Chrimbo planning?
Or am I alone in the madness?!

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