Friday, 26 April 2013

Long over due blog award thank you post!

Last year the lovely and super talented Wendy from The Butterfly Balcony (Check out her blog, it's totally darling!) awarded me with not one, but TWO blog awards! Can you believe it?! And this is my very long over due thank you to her - Wendy, you're wonderful and you really made my day, thank you :)

So following Wendy's example I will be passing both awards along at the same time to the following people -
Charlotte from Heart's Cottage
Emily from The Cute Octopus
Nikki from Multibeavo's world
Maria from When Life Gives You Lemons
Sue from Sweet Pea Family Blog

And now for the (probably very boring) 7 facts about me....

1. I don't watch television! I do own a TV but it is used for computer games and DVD/VHS watching only. I do watch some TV shows such as Big Bang Theory and Desperate Housewives but on online catch up or DVD. I also watch science documentaries on online catch up because I'm a nerd haha!

2. I work as a "seamstress". It is killing off my love of sewing. I do not do glamorous dresses or anything fun, I repair and alter work wear (boiler suits etc). On the plus side of things I have a far better control of a machine (domestic machines seem so slow compared to an industrial!) and can put a zip in blindfolded!

3. I am a crazy cat lady - how could I not be with this fluffy munchkin?!

4. I have started up my own charity crafting organisation Hearts and Crafts. I have only managed to do one project so far due to a combination of being so busy and it being so difficult to find places which would like something other than money. I keep at it though and hopefully a new project will appear soon!

5. Nobody has ever taught me any of my crafty skills. If I want to learn to do something, I just do it! I highly recommend that if you are interested in any crafty hobby, that you just get on and dive right in! There are so many wonderful blogs out there with helpful hints and tips, not to mention you tube videos and the vast resource of pinterest there really is no need to wait!

6. I have a pet coconut. His name is Colin. I have had him for around 4 years now and he has featured on the blog before. Sometimes he gets a little wild....

7. I have a major book fetish! In our house there are hundreds of books, non fiction, fiction, graphic novels, art books, coffee table books......lots and lots of books! We really need more book shelves but have no room :( I have tried and tried to come up with a way to squeeze more in but folks, it just aint happening! I prefer to read non fiction nowadays, I just can't get enough of learnin' stuff ha ha!

So that concludes seven boring facts about me, which has taken about two hours to come up with. Lame I know. Any way, further thank you's to Wendy and I hope you all check out her blog and the ones which I have passed on the awards to.


sweetpea family said...

Thank you for your lovely comment and my blog awards it was very kind of you. I have just been reading your posts and snap - I've just been experimenting with making strawberries thank you for sharing the picture tutorial.
Sue x

Lucy said...

You're most welcome :)
I think the best thing about the strawberries is how little fabric they use, perfect for getting through the scraps that just can't be thrown away! I'm yet to make a giant one though.
Lucy xx

Wendy said...

Hehe I love the facts about you, not at all boring! I think its wonderful you have another site dedicated to crafting for charity, If I can help knit or sew something I will!! I made some cat nip mice for a cat rescue center a few weeks ago out of my leftover fabric scraps (as I am cat mad too!) and Im in the process of making more, its nice to feel that your creativity can help people, and animals! xx

Maria - When Life Gives You Lemons said...

Thank you so much for this! I will get back to this some time soon! :)

Lucy said...

Wendy - You're such a sweet talker :P And it is very lovely to offer to help on any future projects, thank you for following that blog as well. I bet the cat rescue centre really appreciated some cute catnip mice, such a thoughtful thing to do :) xxx

Maria - You're so welcome, I love your blog, I hope everyone that has read my post will visit you and fall in love with it too :) xxx