Monday, 9 July 2012

Pinterest Project - Strawberry Pincushions

I pinned the strawberry pincushion quite some time ago having seen the darling ones made over at nanacompany (pictured below). If you haven't visited the blog then you must! It is picture heavy though and if you are using a horrid chugging piece of crap like I do then you will simply have to be very patient!
Worth it though, you will be so jealous at  Amy's beautiful embroidery and hopefully a bit inspired too :)

So anyway, at some point in time after pinning those beauts I saw this photo tutorial for the strawberries and it looked easy so I made some. Not as good as Amy's, or those in the tutorial pictures, but they are first attempts so I will make better ones next time.

The best bit is that these use up so little fabric you can make a whole army of them!
I embellished with white pearlescent flower sequins and gold beads found in my stash, and I only used scraps of fabric for the strawbs so didn't involve any monies jumping outta my purse!

I have pinned a tutorial from purlbee for some strawberry cushions, basically the same as these but huge! When I get around to buying the fabric I will post them up with a size comparison!


Wendy said...

Ooh another great little project! I have been meaning to make myself a pincushion as I keep finding dropped pins in the carpet - with my bare feet naturally! ouch! I shall definitely be having a go at some of these this weekend! x

Lucy said...

Why is it always the feet?!! Oh how we suffer for our art ha ha! xx